Friday, February 08, 2008

Five undersea fiber optic cables cut, Is it Godzilla or is it the Chinese?

What is going on with the Middle East's undersea fiber optic cables, in the past two weeks at least 5 of the cables have been cut. The first two were first attributed to ship anchors being pulled over the cables, but that explanation has since been discounted.

Is Godzilla planning on attacking the Middle East? Have unemployed computer programmers declared war on the outsourcers, and are using remote controlled mini subs to cut the cables? Is this a rouse by the U.S. Navy in preparation for invading Iran?

I don't think so but I do have a rumor of my own I would like to throw into the mix. The Chinese have been showing off their new submarines as of late, recently leaking their plans for a submarine based anti-satellite missile system. And in November they even shadowed the Kitty Hawk which had been dispatched to the Taiwan Strait to observe their missile tests.

Perhaps these cable cuts are another way of letting the U.S. know that cutting sub sea fiber active cables is among their new found capabilities, in addition to shooting down our spy satellites and using cyber attacks against our computer systems.

I don't have any proof to support my allegations so maybe it is Godzilla, but one thing is for sure the odds are pretty long that five cables could be cut in any one region of the world in just two weeks by accident.

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